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    • Building self confidence

      I take my dog once a month to visit a young blind teenager with learning disabiities. She is quite frightened of dogs, and every time we visit, it takes her about an hour to pat him, but then she loves it. She really enjoys the interaction and sensory play. The sense of achievement she obviously feels when she finally pats him is wonderful.

    • A furry friend

      My son has profound learning disabilities and is unable to make friends, but he does have a friendship with our dog. My son can not play by himself but he will sit and play with our dog for ages. She is such great entertainment for him. Our dog is so patient with him and makes a huge difference to his life.

    • Pets As Therapy

      Pets As Therapy are marvellous and it's a great alternative if you are unable to have your own pet. They will visit (all over the UK) with cats or dogs, and the pleasure they give is immeasurable. I highly recommend them.

    • Fishy entertainment

      Fish tanks can be really calming for people with sensory processing disorders. My daughter has a 5 gallon tank in her bedroom, that not only calms her down, but helps her sleep better at night by providing white noise.

    • Dog keeps me calm

      I have bipolar and my dog really helps get me through the day. She keeps me calm, gets me out of the house everyday for walks and gives me cuddles when I'm upset. Since getting a dog I've had no more nights in hospital.

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